How are dark web sites built?

12.01.2021 16:06

As Christian Lehnert said above, they are built much the same way as “clearnet” sites - with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (and perhaps a few other languages).

The reason they may look different from clearnet sites, however, is because of:

Amateur design
Lack of third-party browser support
The fact that you are blocking scripts
When I first started using Tor, I remarked at how the websites reminded me of ones I saw in the early ‘90s, when I first started using the internet. In a sense, that’s true - early websites didn’t have as many of the graphical capabilities as present-day ones.
There are several alternative methods to access a darknet, such as using the Invisible Internet Project (I2P), a peer-to-peer service which works similarly to Tor but can run within web browsers. What differentiates the methods of accessing darknets are their primary purpose of use, which is generally focused on browsing, messaging, or sharing anonymously; another critical aspect will be the level of security, which depends on their protocols of encryption and routing that is used.
Since there is a lot of personal information used and published online, it is a common occurrence that hackers get their hands on some of it. This information includes credit card numbers, images of identification cards, passports, medical records, and many types of account credentials such as email addresses, social media accounts and even subscription accounts such as Netflix.

dark web sites


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