Why are some states making CBD flower illegal?

15.01.2021 22:31

In states with legal medical and recreational marijuana laws, dispensaries are licensed by the state (and some are run by well-connected corporations). Allowing CBD to be sold in pharmacies, health food & vitamin stores, vape boutiques & head shops would cut into the dispensaries’ profits.

To be fair, products sold by the dispensaries—whether THC, CBD, CBN, CBG or whatever—must be grown & produced in-state (more licensing fees) but also meet strict standards of purity & safety. By contrast, CBD is totally unregulated: many if not most of the commercially-available CBD products are “white label” (usually Chinese) and repackaged by unreliable and cheap brands. Sadly, if CBD flower is banned &/or CBD products allowed to be sold only in official dispensaries, ethical & reputable out-of-state CBD producers like Receptra, Charlotte’s Web, Green Roads, Sopris, etc. will be unfairly kicked to the curb.
Is it a reaction to hemp being federally legalized by the Farm Bill? Lack of ability to tell hemp from marijuana? Or is it rooted in an eighty year propaganda campaign carried out by the U.S. government? Probablythese reasons and others not mentioned.



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