What services are provided by website designing companies?

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There are seven phases of web designing process. They are:

1. Collecting Information

In this phase, the client is asked to fill a questionare and the project is discussed. In this stage, the designing team tries to understand the main motives and goals of the project and the audience the client wants to target. The client needs to explain it properly to get the best result.

All sites are different and have different functionality and design. This planning prevents waste of resources, time and adding unwanted features to the site.

2. Site mapping and creating wireframe

In this phase, the developer creates the site map using the information gathered from the client. Hence, giving the client a idea how the site will work. The site map shows the linked pages and sub pages. The main reason of creating a site map is to make it easy to navigate and user-friendly.

The site map needs approval from the client before moving to next steps. By looking at the site map, the client can check whether the pages are in the right place or not.

After the client approves it, the wireframing or the mock-up process starts. The wireframe is a visual representation of a site's UI. This is not something very creative or attractive. This just shows the position of the required elements with using any color or other content.

3. Designing the page layout

In this phase, the designer again use the crucial information gathered from the client and designs the layout using texts, images, buttons, etc. The designer has to keep in mind the purpose of the site and the target audience.

The layout can either be a sketch or graphic design. The designer illustrates how the site will look. But this is just an images and will have no functionality.

Once again, the client needs to approve the design. All clients are different and have different choices. Even if the designer gives his best to design the layout, the client may ask the designer to do minor changes.

After the design is approved, they can move forward.

4. Content writing and assembly

In this stage, the client is asked to provide the contents to be used on the site before or during coding process. This stage overlaps with other stages of the entire process. This is something that cannot be underestimated. In this stage, it's nessecary to put in writing the contents to communicate with the audience and adding calls-to-action. This involves editing and compiling text which is effort and time taking.

5. Finally, the coding starts

In this stage, the developer starts coding the website. The developer converts the basic layout into reality. In this stage, the navigation buttons and links are added according to the site map. To ensure that server can handle the installation and set-up smoothly, the CMS and framework are implemented.

The static web page elements that were designed during the mock-up and layout creation needs to be created and tested. After the testing process, the special features and interactivity are added.

This stage may include SEO (search engine optimisation). Optimisation of the elements like keywords, title, description, etc. makes the site gain higher rankings in the search engines.

6. Test, review and Launch

This process involves testing links, scripts and spelling check. It's important to ensure that links are not broken, forms are working perfectly, and scripts are working the way they are supposed to be.

After the major testings are done, a cross-browser testing is done to check if all the elements are appearing correctly on different browsers. In case an element is malfunctioning, they solve the issue immidialtely.

Testing is done. Now, it's time to upload it to a server using FTP ( file transfer protocol). After deploying all the files, a final testing is done to check if all files are correctly installed.

And the web site is launched.

7. Maintainace and updating

The work is not finished even after the site is successfully launched. An Website is more a service that a product. The users need to be satisfied with the website and its features.

Even though the site is well tested, users may find some issues at any moment. By reading user feedbacks, the developer keeps on updating and doing some minor changes to the site.

This is how the entire web design process takes place.

If you are planning to launch your own website, then Good luck!

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