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15.03.2021 05:04

Belancing is a platform that’s designed to help companies find and hire expert freelancers from around the world. Its flexible and cost-effective platform lets people hire freelancers on anything from programming and development to writing and translation, design and arts, sales and marketing, and much more.

Used by more than 3 million people, the website verifies freelancers and publishes their feedback scores and all-time transaction data to help to hire staff to identify time-tested professionals from around the world. For freelancers, belancing.com is more flexible than most when it comes to issuing payments, offering four options: fixed price, hourly, task-based or recurring. The thing about social media freelancing is that there is no standard rate.

They anticipating a flood of developers once they begin their advertising campaigns. They are currently in beta and this is the best time to earn more money before many freelancers come.

Post 1-5 Gigs (they don't currently limit).
Get Paid.

Go here.... www.belancing.com 

All Freelancing Categories
- App Developers
- Mobile Developers
- Social Media Experts
- Video Production
- SEO Experts
- Website Builders
- ECommerce
- .....


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