Starting a business with a USB Duplicator

07.04.2021 12:48

Get your organization humming using your industrial designed USB duplication equipment that you can rely on for hours of operation. Effortlessly copy digital content from a master flash drive to target flash drives with the click of a single button. No more difficult than running a photo copier. Great business plan!

This is actually a very simple business model because it takes very little over head to start, and is a business that can be ran from your home office. You do not need to be technical to run this equipment and the results will be exact every time.

TechNoBob did a write-up about the Nexcopy (USB Duplicator) several years ago. Very impressed the company has been around for so many years given the niche market. The standalone systems are truly tech friendly and simple to operate. There is also a PRO version of this USB Duplicator that performs advanced functions on flash drives like partition, write protection, serial number edits, USB CD-ROM emulation, and some other cool things. Like descriptor field edits for the VID and PID which are the vendor identification and product identification for companies registered with the USB Implementers Forum.


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